See +feel= Remembered @throughout life#

People prefer to see and react upon what they see.what we see last long in our memory than to what we just read. Yes, it is different thing that feeling that we get by watching and reading is also as important. Feeling can be felt no matter even if we forget who said what. So in short it would be more effective if we get to see and feel strongly .

Thousands of things we see from time we wake up to time we get back to sleep but hardly we can remember handful of what we saw.Really how amazing it would be if we could just remember everything. But on the other hands it is good  that we forget but why on earth people forget good thing fast than to bad things. Well that’s why this is so called nature of human .

life can be colourful as well dull but how you react to your situation matters. Making way for self and striving for success can be hard but not impossible. Images of our thought is reflected on the action and words you show when you react.  Image that is formed by watching on visual screen is different that to one self image created. Visual image is something that we watch on television for relaxation and to get information. Whereas on the other hand one self image created is in short the reputation and manners.

So remember your image lies on your own hand.what you show is remembered by others. What you spoke matter less but those word spoken what it made you feel like creates difference. Cheers to fellow readers for reaching to you all after very long gap.

happy new year

Year goes another year comes

life is filled with ups and down.

Every emotion has its own thrill

imageSame like walking up the hill.

You know what’s the speciality of new year is that apart from  music, gathering and party and new year fire. Most important is the NEW YEAR RESOLUTION….this triggers every individual to do something new from previous year.

Heat of new year resolution is such that it beats out every bit of  determination of individual. Only on rare cases people really achieve what they write. But sometime people find resolution as just piece of paperwork.

Year 2014 is gone bidding farewell standing with open arms  I welcome 2015. Days will be same time will be same only thing that differ will be  attitude toward life.

I wish all the best wishes to everyone. Hope this new year brings loaded lively fun with respect to all the sentiment of everyone being kept under consideration.

Horrific World

World has become horrific place to live in with terrorist destroying the peace of mind of the people. Now people are living in fear of death,had the death been natural it is something that is expected. But death that comes as nightmare out of sudden is so terrifying.

Fears caused by devil and ghosts are comparatively far less than the bullets and bombs. Enjoying action movie filled with fights and bullets shot flying out of gun on villians chest is interesting to watch. But when it comes to reality where the bullets are shot on innocent people,it is not at all imaginable because the pain that it cause is terrible.

Even youths of today who from small age itself involves themselves in using drug and cigarettes smoking in the name of fashion and relaxation. Money is being wasted and health is very dangerously affected.

Why is that people realise pain only when being affected? It is always better to take preventive measures against all the issues be it terrorism, environmental, corruption….etc.



So terrific things are happening in the world now. No matter how much world has advanced and reaced the stage where scientifically robots and well equipped machinery are available but peace has been completely lost.

such horrific situation in Pakistan where so many kids were killed,what wrong has these children done. Those parents who lost their children ,how they may be feeling. It is really very sad to know how on today’s world people has lost their sense and has totally become inhumane nature people. These terrorist how could they be so disgusting mentally and even within from heart.

Corruption is on high every where because people misuse power and their post assigned.

Corrupted  people who are terrifically insane mental person turns out be terrorist.

oh god on this earth even if they kill themselves and die injuring others as well but once their time is over on earth punish them severely that they fear to be born as human ever again.

World is developing at fast pace but people have lost their control over self. Oh lord may your blessing keep victims of sudden tortouros incident be kept safe.


Oh winter here you come spreading coldness in weather all around. Hot drinks are our best companion to make our body warm and on seeing cosy bed with movie on …..just a way to detox your day stress collected in your mind out.

Freezing cold is water making hand unable to move hating how much to wash the dish vessels. On the other hand grabbing cup of hot coffee and chocolate drink makes us feels warm.

Nobody like hot when contacted with our body but such is the magic of winter where even the thing that we hate becomes our favourite.

Winter ,winter I feel you but how could I ever tell you how much I love you. The way body fats is hidden with thick jackets on and coldness leading you to eat more.

oh winter do stay by with your chilling presencese and Less snowfall making Christmas enjoyable to all.we wish you a merry Christmas we wish a merry christmas 🙂

Flattering is like digging grave for ownself

Praise sincerely don’t flatter your companion whom you meet your way.

We meet various people in our life. One fact is that our fingers differ in shape and length in same hand ….hence the people on earth are different from each another. Values and its importance remains same no matter in what way it is followed in different cultures. Though people might differ in various way so individual should know how to compromise.

Just because you compromise does not mean that you be with wrong person. Never let anyone flatter you because people who flatter are like butter which tastes good in little quantity but when it becomes excessive it harms your health .And with time flattering people leads you to grave.

in this world it’s hard to actually find out if that person is flattering you or really praising that you deserve. We like to get compliments and feel good towards people who praise/flatter you. The main difference between people who flatter you and the praise is that ……when you put in an effort to do something and result turns out to be good ….those individual who will praise your work will tell you where all your effort looked better and where you lacked. But those who wants to flatter you will only flatter you since it makes no difference to them.

Flattering someone you will have them in your life for certain time duration in your life. People who flatter you are non other then people disguised with mask of goodness on their face with ill intention inside. Hence flattering is like digging grave for your own self because once your mask comes down every people who stood by your side will leave from your life  forever.

But person who praise you for what you deserve stands all the way by your side throughout your life. And true friends are only the mirror to your life who praise truly.


Hey stop buddy ……I am just way behind you buddy. Wait ……oh please common hear me out …..then alarm rings it’s 3am….girl just open her eyes and then realises that sun has not come out. Looking right infront of her mirror she finds her hand in upward position  with open hand as if stoping someone. She just wander why was her hand like that. Just then she realise some shadow at her door, she quickly follows the shadow and following shadow blindly the girl reaches jungles.

On reaching there she finds the shadow sitting on the ground and crying ….hearing the sound of shadow crying girl moves towards the shadow and then she also sits besides the shadow… shadows seems really handsome boy. Before she could even sit that boy turns towards her and quickly hugs her. She is shocked and still. Then boy keeps crying and shares his problems with her. Then girl feels sad for boy hugs him to console his pain.

Soon the boy stops crying and both decides to walk back to girls house and have coffee… they walk back towards home girl leg gets twisted and becomes unable to walk. Then boy decides to carry her in his arm. Finally after walking for long they reach the house.

Since girl leg was injured boy decides to make coffee . after coffee was made they drink. While they drink coffee the boy thanks girl for sharing his pain….and laugh .

boy then bids goodbye to girl and she gives him friendly hug and he leaves…..

when she comes inside there was box lying on table…..thinking that the boy had left his stuff she picks up the box and hurry back to the door only see the boy was no ordinary boy but angel who had come in her dream to test her humanity and onto her surprise she realise that her leg has been cured too.

As a token of gift inside box there was  beautiful necklace …..the speciality of necklace was that the only girl could see the shadow of angel boy .